Sunday, September 2, 2012

Reading Jacob’s Room

  •  Read Vara Neverow’s Introduction.  What critical cruxes does she note: what are the usual issues discussed when analyzing this book? 
  •  What themes, images, structural principals do you see operating in Jacob’s Room that are similar to the short stories we read last week? 
  •  How does Jacob’s Room enact the manifestos for modern fiction that we read last week? 
  •  Make a list of space/place approaches that we have begun discussing.  Which of these “terministic screens” might prove to be a useful lens for examining Jacob? 
  •  What are the polarities in Modernism that Chris Reed defines in his Introduction?  Do you see any aspects of this political division in Jacob’s Room? 
  •  What are the places/spaces in which Jacob’s Room is staged?  What do the different locations tells us about Jacob’s life? 
  •  Read the deCerteau essay(s)  (we may add two shirt ones to BB on Monday).  What do you think are the central ideas in DeCerteau?  How can they be deployed to enrich our reading of Jacob?